+ Why Rimo?

Rimo is the only wireless device that uses patented technology to seamlessly connect your computer to Rimo without an IP address or password in a video chat, and connect your phone to Rimo without Bluetooth setup for video recording. It is simple to use. So simple even your parents can use it.

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+ How can Rimo help me in a video chat?

Rimo allows you to see more of the video conversation than one static shot. You no longer have to instruct the person on the other end of the video chat to move the phone to say anything or anyone. Now you have the control to see what YOU want to see when YOU want to see it. You can demonstrate features of a product, see the reactions of people at your meeting and share milestones with your friends and family.

+ How do I use Rimo for a video chat?

To control Rimo in a video chat, all you have to do is download the free Rimo app from the Rimo website to your desktop. Once you are connected on a video chat, open the app and you can immediately start moving Rimo. The connection occurs through the video call, no passwords, no IP address. The smartphone on Rimo does not need the Rimo app.

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+ How do I use Rimo for video recording?

To record a video using Rimo, open the Cameraman app on your phone, mount the phone on the Rimo, and click the record button. The Rimo will follow your movement and rotate accordingly. It is plug and play; there is no Bluetooth setup. (this app is provided as a reward on Kickstarter)

+ Can I use Rimo to record live video, such as Facebook live?

The current Rimo Cameraman app does not allow live video recording, such as Facebook live. It is a relatively new technology as Facebook just released streaming live API (application program interface) this year (2016). We will work very hard to achieve this functionality before the shipment of Rimo. (this app is provided as a reward on Kickstarter)

+ How does Rimo work?

In short, the technology is similar to Li-Fi. Unlike Wi-Fi that utilizes radio wave, Li-Fi uses visible light to communicate; therefore, potentially every light bulb in your home can be used to transmit data wirelessly. Although the screen of a smartphone screen is not as bright as a light bulb, it can still transmit data to a nearby Rimo sensor effortlessly.

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In a video chat, the Rimo appencodes the movement of your mouse and keyboard action in the video. The control signal is perfectly synchronized with the video, and then sent to the phone on the other end of the video chat. The Rimo optical system picks up the video and control signals and translates them into motor movement. Because the control signal is encoded in the video, there is no need to build an extra communication channel using the IP address of Rimo. Your smartphone is optically connected to Rimo; no Bluetooth connection is needed. Rimo is compatible with video chat software that have desktop or web versions, such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Line, etc.

For video recording, the Rimo Cameraman app analyzes each frame of the video and produces series of control signal for the optical system on Rimo. The optical system picks up the control signals and translates them into motor movement. Therefore, Rimo can follow your movement in a timely manner without any Bluetooth connection. (this app is provided as a reward on Kickstarter)

+ Can I use my computer to control Rimo?

The current prototype supports Mac (OS X) computer. If we collect enough funding on Kickstarter, the windows app will be available on the website for downloading at the time we start shipping Rimos.

+ Is my phone compatible with Rimo?

The current prototype supports iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7. The final product with adjustable phone holder can support any smartphone with reasonable thickness. The Android version of Rimo app will be available if we obtained enough support for the development of the app in the Kickstarter campaign.

+ What video chat apps can I use with Rimo?

The current Rimo app is compatible with Skype, Line, and KakaoTalk. We are working on other video chat apps. What is your favorite app? Google hangout? WeChat? Vote your favorite video chat app on our Facebook page!

+ Can I charge Rimo? How long can I use Rimo?

Yes, Rimo comes with an 850mAh rechargeable battery. The use time depends on how often one rotates Rimo during the video recording or a video chat; for normal usage, it lasts for 5 hours (The final product might have a value slightly different than 850mAh).