Rimo app

Rimo app for video chat

To control Rimo in a video chat, all you have to do is download the Rimo app to your desktop.  Once you are connected on a video chat, open the app and you can immediately start moving Rimo. The connection occurs through the video call, no passwords, no IP address. The smartphone on Rimo does not need the Rimo app.

Compatible with Facetime, Skype, Line, and other video chat apps that have the desktop version.

Cameraman app

Cameraman app for video recording

To record a video using Rimo, open the Cameraman app on your phone, mount the phone on the Rimo, and click the record button. The Rimo will follow your movement and rotate accordingly. It is plug and play; there is no Bluetooth setup.


*Currently not available. Please support us on future Kickstarter campaign for the development/improvement of the apps.