+ What's special about Rimo?

Rimo is the only wireless device that uses visible light to seamlessly connect your phone to Rimo without Bluetooth pairing or connection codes. Therefore, you can use Rimo in video chat, as a baby monitor, or a surveillance camera. You can control the viewing angle remotely as soon as the video is connected without any connection codes. What's even cooler is that Rimo understands your hand gestures, so that you can control Rimo's movement by simply waving your hand.

+ How can Rimo help me in a video chat?

Rimo allows you to see more of the video conversation than one static shot. You no longer have to instruct the person on the other end of the video chat to move the phone to say anything or anyone. Now you have the control to see what YOU want to see when YOU want to see it. You can demonstrate features of a product, see the reactions of people at your meeting and share milestones with your friends and family.

+ How does Rimo work?

In short, the concept of visible light communication is inspired by LI-FI technology. Unlike WIFI that utilizes radio waves, LI-FI uses visible light to communicate; therefore, potentially every light bulb in your home can be used to transmit data wirelessly. Although the screen of a smartphone is not as bright as a light bulb, it can still transmit data to the smart sensor of Rimo effortlessly. The visible light received by the smart sensor is then analyzed, and hand gestures are converted to motor movement.

+ What video chat apps can I use with Rimo?

Any video chat app that is installed on your phone.