Rimo Team

We are young engineers passionate about new technology and innovation.


Danny (I-Tan) Lin
Lead Designer

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Danny is interested in optoelectronic, optical and plasmonic devices and has conducted research on the optoelectronic and plasmonic properties of novel materials as part of Dr. Jia-Ming’s research group. The idea for Rimo was the result of Danny’s desire to show his parents his UCLA Lab.


Eric Chang
Mechanical Designer

MS in Mechanical Engineering

After graduating from the University of Arizona for his undergrad and UCLA for his Masters, Eric has worked in the field as a mechanical engineer and successful design consultant. Eric is a heavy player of WoW and Pokemon Go.



Derrick Chang
Lead Creative

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Passionate in exploring new features and design for Rimo, Derrick’s specialty includes human motion tracking, computer vision and machine learning. Derrick sometimes go hiking and exploring national parks when he is not at work.


Winnie Lau
Mechanical Designer

MS in Mechanical Design

Winnie started her career as a test engineer after graduating from Berkeley. She advanced her study in thermal sciences at UCLA and has been working as a design engineer that offers integrated mechanical and thermal solutions for years.


Ulysses Martinez
Industrial Designer

BS in Industrial Design

After graduating from California State University-Long Beach for his undergrad,  Ulysses has worked on designing new and innovative products for the mass market and military industries. His favorite pastimes are hiking and playing the piano.

Dillon Feng
Manufacture advisor/partner

General Manager in Oride Tech

Dillon Feng has been working in manufacturing for 8 years, where 6 years were spent as JDM (Joint Design and Manufacturing) in iPhone team of Foxconn group. He is very good at making design machinable and creating unique process for designs. Now, he is leading the Oride team focused on Kickstarter projects.